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Southeast HVAC News Guest Columns

4 Reasons We are Failing To Attract Millennials To HVAC
by Dillon Collier
It is a known fact that by 2020, millennials will make up half of the global workforce, so what does this mean? It means just like your customer base will shift, so will your pool of employees.
by Dan Jacobs - Capital Coil & Air
Every company markets themselves and the things that they do well in order to sell products and grow their business. This is an obvious and necessary part of doing business. Businesses have sales goals, objectives, and business plans to achieve.

Purchasing/Investing 101
by By Danah Head, Executive Advisor - The Distribution Team.
Do you know what really happens in your purchasing department? What are those positions called? Are they just Buyers buying all day? Maybe they’re just Purchasers purchasing? Sounds a little like a children’s rhyme, but truly the buyer or purchaser is an investor!

To Quote or Not To Quote?
By Gary DeWitt, Implementation Manager.
There are times we get to a service call and find a miscellaneous repair that takes us moments to correct with no parts used. The question now is: Do I quote a repair or just collect my Diagnostic/Service Call Fee?

Chiller Maintenance Tips for Professionals
By Tremper Longman

Chillers are often the largest strain on a company’s electrical load, putting them at the top of the list of potential risks for unnecessary consumption of excess energy. Ensuring that chillers are operating at peak efficiency is integral to any industry, as it helps to prevent an excessive amount of capital going to waste every day.
5 Telephone Customer Service Tips for HVAC Contractors
By Gere Jordan Continental Message Solution

Despite the growth of the internet and social media, most people still contact HVAC companies by phone. That means no matter how awesome your website is or how many followers you have on Twitter, you need to get telephone customer service right in order to grow your business.
  The Marketing Science of Building Science.
By Rich Carrione Warm Thoughts Communications
The Home Performance Contracting industry is filled with supremely talented and highly analytical building performance scientists, auditors, and engineers. By and large, we are results-oriented, data-driven and focused on delivering the greatest impact on each home performance job we undertake. It’s in our DNA.
How GPS Tracking Changes Your Company
Robert J. Hall
Companies of any size can use GPS tracking, but the benefits are especially striking for companies with a small fleet of trucks, such as those in the HVAC and plumbing industries. For these companies, GPS tracking offers many ways to make your company more efficient
  The Message On Liability Coverage
Protecting Yourself, Your Employees and Your Customers
By Matthew Stangle.

While installing an air conditioning unit, your employee dropped the unit down the stairs. The stairs are damaged, the floor is dented, and the grandfather clock at the bottom of the stairs is shattered from the tumbling unit.

By Stuart S. Zisholtz, Esq.
In the event the contractor defaults or fails to complete certain work, the owner may be permitted to utilize the retainage held back from the contractor in order to complete the necessary work.

  Payment & Performance Bonds
By Stuart S. Zisholtz, Esq.
Every public project in excess of $200,000.00 requires a payment and performance bond. No exceptions to the rule are permitted. Unfortunately, the City of New York has unilaterally decided to substitute the mandatory requirement for a payment bond by incorporating its own contractual payment guarantee in the prime contract.

  The Prompt Payment Act
By Stuart S. Zisholtz, Esq.
The Prompt Payment Act was initially passed to benefit subcontractors and try and remedy a gaping hole in the construction industry which placed most of the financial risk on the subcontractors. However, the Statute was poorly written, contained numerous loopholes and was rarely used.

  Not All HEPA Filtration Systems Are Created Equal.
If you’re planning a new cleanroom or maintaining an existing one, your choice of filters can be critical to product quality, production yields and regulatory compliances. 

  Labor Law Claim
By Stuart S. Zisholtz, Esq.
In the past I wrote various articles about how you must get your agreements signed before you do any work. It is imperative that you understand the terms and conditions of the agreement as clearly as you understand your bid. 


Checking Low-Water Cutoffs
by George Lanthier
A while ago a thread started on the internet about checking low-water cutoff’s that got me thinking about whether or not most techs know the correct procedure for doing this common task.

  Get All Documents and Agreements Signed Prior to Doing Any Work
By Stuart S. Zisholtz, Esq.
In the past I wrote various articles about how you must get your agreements signed before you do any work. It is imperative that you understand the terms and conditions of the agreement as clearly as you understand your bid. 



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